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Transformation Program

Change Your Habits and You Will Change Your Life!  Our transformation program is tailored to each individual member. You will be paired with an expert coach that matches your style and needs. All ages, injury history, goals, fitness levels and experience are welcome!

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1 on 1 Coaching

Work with an expert Personal Trainer to reach your desired goals, whether it be performance, skill, aesthetics or just over all health. We have a team of coaches each at the top of their field in specialties.  Your coach will build a custom program  to help you hit your goals and hold you accountable along the entire journey then make new ones to crush!

Nutrition Guidance 

Learn how to eat for your body and it's specific goals. Go beyond the basics of nutrition with one of our certified Personal Trainers. Whether you struggle with portion control, meal planning, or sustainable habits, we’ll get you right.

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With our 5 point accountability approach, it is almost impossible not to  hit your goals. Your assigned coach not only creates a step by step blue print to follow, they also will be keeping in constant contact with you throughout your program. With our tracking app you can keep track and log your daily workouts as well as meals which your coaches will be able to check on and see. The app will also send you daily reminders to log what you have done. Never miss a workout with our gymmaster app which allows you to plan your week for workouts and training sessions, then sets them as appointments in your google/phone calendar. Weekly body composition measures help you stay on track and your coach to keep your program working. Lasty when you belong to the Forge you get a full community of coaches and members who are invested in your success.  They will let you know when your results start showing, Cheer you on during a hard workout, and let you know you've been missed if life gets in the way. Never be just a number again!

24/7 Gym Access

Can’t make class or PT on time? Our remote access 24/7 Open Gym provides all the equipment necessary for any training style, as well as goal personalized workouts from  your favorite Forge Coach. Utilize our workout app to complete the workout of the day or even an old workout that you loved. Finish some homework from your coach outside of class times or just get in your own thing. The possibilities are endless! 

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