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Martial Arts 

Train with World Class Senseis, Black belts in Multiple Arts, and Learn Valuable  Skill Along with Sport Techniques 


Snakepit USA Catch Wrestling

Catch Wrestling is an extremely fun and effective form of submission grappling and wrestling.  You can expect to get an amazing workout while learning clinch techniques, takedowns, and submissions.  Wear some comfortable clothing and come try a class!

Pekiti Tirsia Kali 

Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a system that trains you to use improvised weaponry and hand-to-hand combat for personal protection and in real world scenarios.  The system is used world wide by military and government personnel, and is a lot of fun!  All are welcome - come and be ready to learn something new and exciting!  

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Wing Chun 

Wing Chun is a complete martial art whose main purpose is to stop an attack with simultaneous "defense" and "offensive" strikes. Wing Chun is a simple, yet scientific system that focuses on attacking & defending the centerline with quick powerful hand strikes and kicks. It's a traditional system that is fun to learn and practical in its application, even in today's conditions.

The true origin of Wing Chun Kung Fu has been lost in history, but legend has it that it was developed at the Shaolin Temple by a female Buddhist monk named, Ng Mui. She taught the art to Yim Wing Chun, who the system is named after. Wing Chun Kung Fu gained popularity from the late Bruce Lee movies, and more recently from the Ip Man movie series. Bruce studied with Grandmaster Ip Man, but there are many well known practitioners of the system.

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