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Fitness Programs

Let our premiere coaching staff get you in to the best shape of your life

with our progressive programed classes.

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Forge Workout of the Day

This class will combine Strength movements with a metcon or specific training and exercises that are focused on improving specific energy systems within your body. This class is for every level of fitness. Expect to progress in fundamental movements like Squats, Overhead press, Deadlifts, and Rows. While Increasing your heart rate, burning 600-1000 calories, and improving athletic performance.

Forge Fire

Circuit training is a high intensity, fast-paced workout that can help tone your body and shed fat. Circuit classes are high energy and fast-paced and involve moving your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time with Maximum rest between sets is 20-30 seconds. Be ready for Tire flips, Ropes, AMRAPS, Sledge hammers, EMOMS, Cardio work and more! Come to this class ready to sweat.

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Barbell Club

Want to up your athletic skill, learn Olympic weightlifting techniques, and increase your overall strength performance? The Barbell Club is where its at. Train under a USA Olympic Certified coach who is working on medaling both nationally and internationally. This class will focus on Snatches, Cleans, and Jerks predominately with core work, bracing technique and accessory work to build up these main lifts. This is a Class is for those with basic Weightlifting and Barbell experience, those who are looking to compete, and those who actively compete or just all around want to bring their fitness to the next level.

Forge Core

A special focus class just for your lower body! Sculpt, shape, and strengthen your abdominal, buttock, and thigh muscle groups in this targeted, high-impact workout. This class will strengthen and tone all your core muscles, working on the back, butt and thighs in particular. This strength class will tighten all those trouble spots. A variety of equipment will be used to tone and tighten the abs and lower body.


Warrior Fit

No matter what happened Mon-Fri, the Warrior fit class is THE way to start your weekend right. Everyone loves this high-energy, sweat-inducing class. With a blend of strength and cardio training, you will be ready to take on the weekend guilt-free after you leave it all out in the gym on Saturday morning! Beginners welcome! Work at your own pace or go all out, this class is sure to push you!

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