Are you ready to forge yourself? 


Calorie Count

How We Help: Learn how to eat for your specific goals. Our coaches guide you with personalized shopping lists, recipe guides and detailed plans to help you eat delicious food, save money, and time all while getting the results you want. 

The Time

How We Help:  With 45 minute Classes, One on one coaching  and  24 hour facility access, Our programs guide clients to a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle.  

Intense Training

How We Help:  Our world class coaches are assigned clients with around the clock contact, weekly check-ins, program planned weigh & measures, and an app to help track your workout along with calorie intake. 

Ready Set Go

How We Help: Join a strong, supportive group of like-minded  people  who are working towards their similar goals. Have fun getting fit and cheering on your fellow community members. 

 Full Mind/Body Wellness All In One Place

Coach lead youth programs designed specifically for little bodies. Starting at age 5, we offer Tae Kwon do, Kid's Fit, and Summer camp daily along with special workshops, parent's night out, and an after school program COMING SOON! Learn discipline, anti- bullying techniques, healthy lifestyle, and martial art skills all while in a safe, fun environment.  



Our small group classes  offer progressive programing, tailored to your individual needs by nationally certified coaches . All shapes, ages, sizes, injuries and experience levels welcomed. Whether it's just fitness you are looking for (Strength conditioning, Circuits, Bootcamp, Core), wanting to learn a Special skill (PTK Kali, Catch Wrestling, Olympic Lifts) or mind-body wellness/ anti-stress ( Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin Yoga) we have you covered. 


Through one of our personalized transformation programs you can finally reach your coveted body goals. Each program includes an assigned accountability coach with weekly Check-in's, one on one personal training, nutrition guidance, weekly activity planning and tracking, Body monitoring with planned weigh and measures, unlimited group classes, and 24/7 facility access. 

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Mary Alice G.

Being a member of the Forge "Family", is being part of more than a gym. The staff & members are all welcoming, regardless of your background and fitness level. making fitness a regular part of life was easy because  I genuinely look forward to showing up for class


James N. 

I started a new supplement for my health and longevity but I knew exercise would give me better results. I started last  August  with the Forge and I've Lost 30 Lbs so far! 


Michelle K.

So a little over a year I started the journey to a new me. I weighed 194lbs, my body fat was at 52% & I felt uncomfortable in my own skin . As of today I weigh 135 lbs and my lean muscle is at 30%. I'm excited again for my future and most importantly I feel so much better!!

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Patrick L.

I started The forge  at only 166 lbs and was able to put on 10lbs of  solid muscle mass  in about 6 months. While in the process I got in to the Muay Thai program and have been going strong for 2 years now!

Kali P.

Coach Joe is the best! I love  getting better to earn new belts and It's fun we get to play games even after class.

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Andrew F.

I'm not really a classes guy so getting to use the 24 hour access with my own personalized program has been Great. I  still get to participate in their group events and special occasions so the benefits of  having a coach and the community feel is still present. There is really something for everyone here.

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